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Welcome to an Early Childhood Revolution

An exclusive first ever wellness conference for Early Childhood Leaders and Managers like no other. It condenses the knowledge and ideas that others take years to figure out… if at all. One full jam-packed day will give you all the practical tools, ideas and tips you need to run a successful early childhood centre.

So don’t fall behind…

Uncover the Secret Seven Stones Philosophy that will give you a practical understanding of how to incorporate wellbeing practices to revolutionise your approach to early childhood education. To build a strong foundation, we need to start from the bottom up!

At Wellness Works Conference, You’ll Discover:

1. Music Activates, stimulates and unlocks all areas of the child’s brain development in a fun and positive way.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” — Plato

2. Wellbeing“One in four young Australians currently has a mental health condition with suicide being the biggest killer of young Australians.” – BeyondBlue,The National Depression Initiative

3. Creativity“Both creativity and critical thinking have been flagged as essential 21st century skills.” - Sir Ken Robinson ‘The Element’ 2009


4. Relationships – Healthy relationships lead to better lives. They are important and have an enormous impact on our physical and mental health.

5. Environments“Space has to be a sort of aquarium that mirrors the ideas, values, attitudes, and culture of the people who live within it.” - Loris Malaguzzi

6. Sustainability“Education for sustainable development is a life- wide and lifelong endeavour, which challenges individuals, institutions and societies to view tomorrow as a day that belongs to all of us, or it will not belong to anyone. “- United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005–2014 

7. Engagement“Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I’ll remember, involve me (engage me) and I’ll understand.’ – Chinese proverb


At Wellness Works Conference, You’ll Learn How To:

  • Motivate educators, improve skills and embed MUSIC into every day routines at your centre, immediately!
  • Improve children’s behavior, self-esteem, flexibility, concentration and imagination by using simple and fun yoga and meditation techniques as well as a wide range of WELLBEING routines.
  • Enhance children’s CREATIVITY and use meaningful documentation to capture magic moments and make learning visible.
  • Create positive culture within your team and build strong collaborative RELATIONSHIPS with families and communities.
  • Use your ENVIRONMENTS to display and create meaningful documentation evidences. Document and display child’s journey of learning.
  • Discover innovative SUSTAINABLE practices to educate and empower children for their future.
  • Use a holistic approach with every child to stimulate ENGAGEMENT. Use intentional teaching, ask open-ended questions and provoke children’s learning.

You Will Also Find Out How To:

  • Expand educational programs and practice (NQS, QA 1)
  • Promote and support every child’s health and wellbeing (QA 2)
  • Enrich relationships with children (QA 5)
  • Build collaborative partnerships with families, communities and engage parents in educational programs at home (QA 6)
  • Motivate educators and provide professional development for all staff (QA 7)
  • Achieve market advantage (QA 7) and increase your profits


Why Attend Wellness Works?

  • Do you want to promote and support the wellbeing of children in your centre?
  • Are you ready to expand your centre and your approach to early childhood education?
  • Is motivating your educators and delivering ongoing professional development important to you?
  • Are you keen to build collaborative partnerships between your centre, your families and the local community?

Who Should Attend?

Wellness Works is recommended exclusively for:

  • Directors
  • Owners
  • Educational Leaders
  • Room Leaders


National and International Early Childhood presenter and a renowned Early Childhood Business Developer, Alina Dan.

Alina gives a very clear, concise and empowering presentation about the role, responsibilities and goals every Educational Leader and Manager should know about.

Multiple Award-winner, International presenter and Founder of the First Music Kinder in Australia, Galina Zenin, reveals her Secret Seven Stone Philosophy and practical tools.. She gives an informative and inspirational presentation sharing her top tips for enhancing NQS and achieving outstanding assessment results.

Galina Has Been featured on:

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What Directors and Owners Say:

“…Awesome! Very enthusiastic! Practical, fun!” – Ruby Martinez, Manager, ‘Turning Point Child Care Centre’

“…I loved it! Made me assess our limitations and it allowed me to see that educators can be more involved. “ – Andrea Woolfe, Director/ Owner, ‘Kidzplay on Highbury’

“…The presentation was excellent and I went away having a clearer idea of practical practices of the Quality Areas 1, 5 & 6.” – Bee Choo Ooi, Manager, ‘Waverly Kidz

“…It was excellent in inspiring us to inspire staff, to implement music for transitions and encourage educators to use their own skills.” – Divina Guerrera, Director, ‘Kids R Kids ELC’

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