Quite Simply, The Most Practical 4-Hour Workshop For Centre Owners And Directors

Quite Simply, The Most Practical 4-Hour Workshop For Centre Owners And Directors

Quite Simply, The Most Practical 4-Hour Workshop For Centre Owners And Directors

4 states running Bonkers Beat
Years Experience Of Teaching Music
Educators Inspired To Embed Music Into Their Curriculum
Children Sing Bonkers Beat Songs

Are You A Centre Owner That’s…

If you’ve answered YES to any of the issues above, don’t worry, you are not alone. The vast majority of centre owners struggle with these same issues too. Discover How to Attract New Families and Boost Occupancy, Motivate Educators, Enhance NQS Rating and Give Your Centre a Key Point of Difference in the Marketplace.

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Discover 7 Stones to Boost The Profits of Your Centre

Over the last 36 years Galina Zenin has personally inspired over 10,000 educators  to embed music into their curriculum. As a result, almost all of the centres running Bonkers Beat programs achieved from  25% to 40% increase in occupancy and achieved higher NQS rating due to receiving comprehensive ongoing training and demonstrating commitment to the high quality practices.

During this time, Galina has refined her methodology into 7 “tried and tested” strategies. Now for the first time ever, Galina is going to share all 7 Stones and she’s going to do it all in just half a day. And, for a limited time, this brand-new event is 100% free.

NOTE: This event will be unlike anything else you have ever experienced. It’s open to all centre directors and owners that are ready to achieve breakthrough results.

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Here’s Why You Would Be Crazy To Miss Out On This Half-Day Workshop...

What Will Be Covered…

In this session you will learn how to

Motivate educators, improve skills and embed MUSIC into every day routines at your centre, immediately!

Improve children’s behavior, self-esteem, flexibility, concentration and imagination by using simple and fun yoga and meditation techniques as well as a wide range of WELLBEING routines.

Enhance children’s CREATIVITY and use meaningful documentation to capture magic moments and make learning visible.

Create positive culture within your team and build strong collaborative RELATIONSHIPS with families and communities.

Use your ENVIRONMENTS to display and create meaningful documentation evidences. Document and display child’s journey of learning.

Discover innovative SUSTAINABLE practices to educate and empower children for their future.

Use a holistic approach with every child to stimulate ENGAGEMENT. Use intentional teaching, ask open-ended questions and provoke children’s learning.

You will also find out how to

Expand educational programs and practice (NQS, QA 1)

Promote and support every child’s health and wellbeing (QA 2)

Enrich relationships with children (QA 5)

Build collaborative partnerships with families, communities and engage parents in educational programs at home (QA 6)

Motivate educators and provide professional development for all staff (QA 7)

Achieve market advantage (QA 7) and increase your profits

Want to See Results Achieved by Others?

Sometimes the best way to learn is to see what other educators and directors have achieved. Click PLAY below.


The Bonkers Beat Program is an effective tool for children to learn literacy, different languages (e.g. saying hello) and different emotions. Our Kindergarten loves music and when I play the Bonkers Beat Music, they are engaged and loved the beat. As soon as they hear the introduction, they say with excitement, “Bonkers Beat!”. I utilise the music for transitions and it is working perfectly. Moreover, I have shared this music with the younger children and they are singing the song at home. Some parents were curious and asked me about the title of the song and they have positive feedback about it.

Today, we celebrated Italian Day and Book Week, so we played ‘Let’s Celebrate’.

Thank you so much for introducing this music program, Galina, Nicole and the team.



Hi, my name is Eugene. I’m from The Forest Childcare. I just recently went to the Bonkers Beat summit and I believe that it’s really, really, really enjoyable. The Bonkers Beat Wellness Summit is different because it
combines wellness, it combines helpful tips, how to meditate, things that we really need to do as educators to get in touch with the children. And these skills we could impart on the children and we can really enjoy our learning together with them. We could be holistic with them.


Wellness Summits 2016 Testimonials

My name is Melissa. My services just joined the Bonkers Beat program. Today, we’ve been to our first Wellness Summit and it’s been fabulous. Jessica said “Today’s Wellness Summit was amazing. We had such a great
time. We got to experience new experiences. We got to enjoy the new songs that are on the second CD which was amazing. We got to have a few guest speakers which we’re really excited to see. We learned a lot. We got to do some massage and we also got to look at the new that’s happening and how we can incorporate Bonkers into our program.”


– Melissa Hope