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Introduce a breakthrough, multi-award winning music and wellbeing program to your childcare centre and enrich the lives of your children with Bonkers Beat®

Children's Music Program

Our Story

Since 2006, Bonkers Beat has changed the way educators interact with children. Now used in four states across Australia, Bonkers Beat was created by early childhood education specialist Galina Zenin. 

Galina brought her European music background to Australia where she noticed a distinct lack of music in early education. To rectify this, she created her program and trialled it in her Aspendale (Victoria) centre. Other educators noticed the difference it made to children and staff, and soon demand for the program grew.

Educators now report how Bonkers Beat gives them 4 key advantages, it:

  1. Motivates staff and improves educators’ skills through continuous professional development training.
  2. Improves all quality areas of the curriculum and leads to higher NQS assessment rating
  3. Enhances children’s communication, concentration, social, emotional and life skills.
  4. Increases occupancy and creates a market advantage so centres stand out in the market.

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“Making music with other educators and teaching children through music is a deep bonding experience that brings enormous joy to the soul. It continues to transform me and others.”
-Galina Zenin, Founder Bonkers Beat

They say success leaves clues and
Bonkers Beat is no exception.

Here is a summary of the recognition the program has gained so far:

2018 Bonkers Beat was included by the Department of Education and Training (Victoria) on the School Readiness Funding Initiative

The 2015 National Excellence in Teaching Award (NEiTA) by the Australian Scholarship
Group (ASG)

2011 – Bonkers Gym® Wellbeing Program was selected by the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development (DEECD), Victoria for 2011 DEECD Innovation Showcase

2010 – Bonkers Beat® Music Program was selected by the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development (DEECD), Victoria for 2010 DEECD Innovation Showcase

When you choose to embed Bonkers Beat into your curriculum, not only you will receive innovative programs refined over more than a decade, you also join a virtual club of progressive childcare educators at the cutting edge of the industry.

Give Your Centre the Edge

Often, childcare centre owners find themselves overwhelmed because of a lack of  children and constant staff turnover. Bonkers Beat program can give your centre the edge, providing a program kids simply love and which is stimulating and enjoyable for motivated childcare educators. For a small subscription cost (less than the annual fees of a single child), Bonkers Beat gives you the opportunity to not only delight children and their parents, but to become the centre of choice in your area. We are proud to share Bonkers Beat program with centres across Australia and look forward to discovering how we can help your business to grow.








We want what every parent and early childhood centre Director wants: Happy, healthy kids who receive every opportunity for positive development.

As such, our vision is: ‘To be a leader in Early Childhood Education by enabling every child’s potential through the power of music, wellbeing, play and learning.’


The Bonkers Beat Mission is to provide comprehensive, innovative educational programs through partnerships with dedicated and inspiring childcare centres staff, families and community.

We endeavour to support Early Childhood Educators, teachers and parents in developing confident, happy children through singing, movement, playing percussion instruments, yoga and meditation.


Children have a wonderful sense of believing. We need to inspire their learning and do so through the fun and joy of music.

Bonkers Beat Kinder is the first early childhood music kinder in Australia where music is the key for the child’s development. Bonkers Beat program is designed to nurture each individual and develop their culture and sense of identity.


Galina Zenin

Ever passionate about children and their development, Galina Zenin is an early childhood consultant, inspirational speaker, educator, qualified music and voice training teacher, author and composer.

Originally from Moscow, Russia, Galina grew up in a house filled with music. She learned the piano at 5 because her mother said, “music is good for your brain”. Galina and her sister were educated for 9 years at a music school before she attended The Moscow Ippolitov-Ivanov Music College. She then taught music in schools and furthered her education at Gnessin Russian Academy of Music. She has held positions with the ‘Resurrection’ Children’s Choir, Moscow, the Australian Children’s Choir and the Australian Girls’ Choir.

When she first arrived in Australia, Galina wanted to make music accessible to all children, so she started running free classes for ages 15 months to 5 years. Parents loved what she did and asked her to develop a kinder program. Bonkers Beat was born.

Realising the potential music has to enhance early childhood development, Galina built on her original Bonkers Beat program so it could be shared with other centres. She now travels Australia and the world, showing educators how to make the most of Bonkers Beat and implement other methods to become a more sought-after childcare facility.

Children's Music Program