Frequently Asked Questions

Originally launched as an introduction for children from age 2 to 6 to learning and development through music, Bonkers Beat is now an award-winning curriculum used in centres around Australia.

This unique and innovative program empowers educators and provides children with an enjoyable way of learning through music and play

The unique Bonkers Beat curriculum gives your centre an amazing point of difference and a positive educational program to share with your young students.

Centres which share Bonkers Beat benefit in six ways:

  • Happier parents who spread the word
  • Smiling, excited children who look forward to being dropped off each day
  • More engaged staff who enjoy working with the curriculum
  • More demand from new families
  • Higher NQS rating

More profits thanks to fewer vacancies

Bonkers Beat is designed specifically for pre-schoolers aged 2 to 5. The program helps them learn through music-based play, stimulating confidence and positive development.

The cost of an annual Bonkers Beat subscription is less than the yearly fees of a single child. As well as more enrollments, your investment pays off in the form of happier, more engaged staff.

Implementing Bonkers Beat is easy because we provide the support you need to get started. Register for a free trial to get to know our music then upgrade your subscription for full training.