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What Owners, Educators & Parents Say...

“I just recently went to the Bonkers Beat summit and I believe that it’s really, really, really enjoyable. The Bonkers Beat Wellness Summit is different because it
combines wellness, it combines helpful tips, how to meditate, things that we really need to do as educators to get in touch with the children. And these skills we could impart on the children and we can really enjoy our learning together with them. We could be holistic with them.”


Summits 2016

“What I love about the Bonkers Beat program as an educational leader, I could embed this program into my
educational program with my staff and we have seen results. And as a new center, Bonkers Beat program has played a big part in boosting our occupancy. We are just over 2 years old and with the introduction of Bonkers Beat, not only the children have benefited. We’ve drawn the families and the community and even my educators just come in together to embrace the wellness of the music program.”


Ellina Ong
(Centre Owner)

 “I love Bonkers because we have this music and we get to connect with what she’s doing at home. We get to connect with the service as well which makes us feel happier to know what our child is doing.”
“What I really love is that Bonkers Beat involves music every single day. My child comes here and when he comes home and he puts the music on, his eyes light up and he starts doing the movements and the actions and he tries to get us involved and it’s just beautiful.”


What Parents Say