Ultimate Training

Offering amazing value for money, your platinum membership gives you twelve months of access to:

Extra Bonus materials

Educators training & resources

Music Program

Wellbeing program

Live events

Management support

Parents educational resources

This comprehensive package will give you access to the Bonkers Beat program and all the necessary support materials to create an outstanding facility for children.

Music Plus Training

The Bonkers Beat® Music Program – Gold Option is our most popular. Using the songs, music and resources you receive as part of your subscription, you’ll be able to help your centre stand out and create an educational facility that young children love.

The Gold Membership offers training online as well as Professional Development training for all staff, weekly management support, educational music content, plus CDs and music books for all your families.

Music Online Training

Save money and learn online with our Silver membership package.

Access video recordings of songs, online training, lesson guides, transitional songs and newsletters for parents.

The Bonkers Beat Silver program has been approved for school readiness funding in the Australian state of Victoria.

Programs That Bring Results

Choose Your Program

Best Value
  • You get access to everything Bonkers Beat offers: all the music and wellbeing training, live events, management support, educational music and wellbeing resources for families and more for a full 12 months.

  • Extra Bonus Materials
  • Educators Training & Resources
  • Music Program
  • Wellbeing Program
  • Live Events
  • Management Support
  • Educational Resources for Parents

  • This comprehensive package represents outstanding value that gives your centre an advantage in today’s market.
Easy Kickstart
  • Now available via School Readiness Funding Initiative (VIC) you get access to the Bonkers Beat Program online to enhance your curriculum and kick start your centre’s enrolments.

  • Video Recordings of 15 Songs
  • Online Training
  • Lesson Guides
  • 20 Transitional Songs
  • Fortnightly Newsletters for Parents

  • Online option is a cost effective way to start your Bonkers Beat journey!

What You Get

Free Training

Access to our library of 45 training videos means you’ll quickly learn how to deliver Bonkers Beat program in your centre.

Downloadable Songs

The 49 Bonkers Beat original songs are addictive for kids and educators!

Video Recordings

Follow along as you get used to the rhythm of the Bonkers Beat – choose from 40+ videos!

Resources for Parents

Engage parents via access to songs and open-ended questions for use at home.

Printable, Easy to Learn Lyrics

We’ve made it simple for you to get to know the Bonkers Beat collection of 45 songs.

Weekly Management Support

Feeling stuck? We’re here to help you make the most of Bonkers Beat with weekly online video calls

Staff Development Programs

Access extra resources and comprehensive practical workshops to get inspired and share with your team.

Access to Live Events

Access to half-day and full day Professional Development will help your centre and your career to flourish.

How You Benefit

Unique Program

Makes every day an adventure for children and educators alike.

Highly Sought-after

Gain a competitive edge and higher occupancy.


Leverage our state, national and international award winning status.

Great for Educators

Gives staff an exciting break from daily routine.

Easy to Implement

Learning the Bonkers Beat program is easy! We’re there to help you every step of the way.

Loved by Parents

Drop offs are a breeze because kids can’t wait to sing and learn!

School Readiness Funding Approved

Access School Readiness Funding ( Victoria) for the Online (Silver) Program – start today!

Higher NQS Rating

Enhance the competitive ranking of your educational service with our music and wellbeing program.

Loved by Kids!

Smiling faces and clapping hands will make you proud to offer this unique music and wellbeing program.