3 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Staff Turnover

Time and time again educator staff turnover pops up as a challenge shared by childcare centres across Australia. Centre owners and Directors are frequently asking themselves, ‘How can we attract the best educators and keep them?’.
Not only is high staff turnover expensive and frustrating, but it’s also linked with poorer developmental outcomes for children. After all, quality attachment is essential for young children. Having your educators leave also makes parents feel less secure in using your service and prompts other educators at your centre to consider their own positions.
The first step to tackling this issue in your centre is to be aware of why educators might be leaving. The most common reasons for leaving are cited as working conditions and paperwork. So how can we make those things more manageable for educators?
Let’s consider three ways that can help you reduce your childcare staff turnover.

Inspire your educators

Team-building days, learning opportunities, birthday celebrations, special events, rewards and incentives, recognition of a job well done… All these things are incredibly effective for inspiring the educators at your childcare centre. Above all, keep it fun! Empower your educators to come up with ideas that excite them to incorporate into the workplace. Create fun certificates of recognition or employee of the month. 
Another clear way of inspiring your educators is professional development… 

Professional development

Helping your educators become the best they can be, shows them that you are committed to their success and wellbeing. Investing in regular professional development opportunities helps your team become better, more productive educators and helps them to feel fulfilled in their career. Sometimes we all need a reminder of why we do what we do, and how we can level up our educator game! This is why group professional development is built in as a huge focus for all Bonkers Beat members. 
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Incorporate the paperwork

Documentation and paperwork can be overwhelming, but only when there’s no systems and procedures to manage it. Support your educators by creating easy-to-follow systems and timelines along with formulas and templates that integrate the paperwork into their day. Not only will this reduce your staff turnover but you’ll also be well on your way to improving your NQS Rating too!

Solve your educator staff retention issues

Don’t struggle through the recruitment process over and over — it’s time to make some changes so that your childcare centre has a dedicated team who will continue to grow and flourish together!
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