5 Benefits of Music Every Day

It’s a musical time of year as end of year concerts take place as well as Melbourne Music Week which is on currently in the city and of course Christmas not too far away.
It seems like a good time to revisit the benefits of music on children’s development, because while music is enjoyable it is also a very special gift we give to children that affects them in many varied positive ways.
It’s an obvious and yet important element of listening to and creating music, but encouraging creativity allows children to embrace self-expression and experiment with their own unique approach to singing and playing music.
Learning to sing all the words of a song or learning to play an instrument – either way, the act of learning in a musical setting is a sure fire way to help children to gain confidence in their ability to take on musical skills.
As the saying goes ‘Where words fail, music speaks’. As we all know, children can often have trouble with finding the words to express themselves but by being in touch with music and song children are able to explore feelings on a deeper that they may not otherwise understand. Music often tells a story in a way that we can all understand. To reference another adage, music is a universal language and so it makes sense that children of all ages can bond through music and the shared joy it brings.
To sing a song, one must first learn the words and keep practicing to get it right. Listening to music to know when to start singing, or even playing along on a drum and trying to keep the beat. Music helps children to learn to focus which can help them in many other areas of their development.
Where there’s music, there’s movement and while learning an instrument is fantastic for hand-eye coordination, there’s a lot to be said for the combination of singing and movement to go with the song. Many songs tell stories not only through lyrics but through actions too.
And those are just the C’s! There are countless other benefits to including music in children’s lives every day, from improving memory to relaxation to boosting brain power. But most importantly, music is fun too!

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