5 Simple Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday 10 May. This year it is just as important as ever to show mothers and the special women in our lives how much they are loved and appreciated. Each day we see the caring nature and willingness to help in mothers and women (this includes so many incredible early childhood educators!) and are continually in awe. We see women with incredible commitment to their families, their work and supporting those around them, and we see the heart and passion by which they are driven. This Mother’s Day we’ll be celebrating you all and sending out a big THANK YOU for all you do.

Like many events in 2020, Mother’s Day is a little different this year. But there are countless ways to make it one to remember!

1.  Teach children a poem: It doesn’t take long at all for children (especially the older children) to learn a little poem to recite for mum. Enjoy this special gift from Bonkers Beat the Monkey – our poem ‘My Mum’: Access here.

2.  Breakfast in bed: The classic breakfast in bed never gets old! It doesn’t have to be complex to be a thoughtful and much-appreciated gesture for Mother’s Day. A grown-up will have to lend a hand but for the most part, children can manage these:

·         Fruit kebabs

·         Fancy breakfast toast

·         Granola parfait

3.  A questionnaire about mum: Mums love to hear what their children have learned or gain insights into how they see the world. This questionnaire for kids is all about mum and is a guarantee to give mum a laugh or even make her tear up. Print here.

4.  Create something special from the garden: Nip out to the garden and pick some flowers for mum. A hand-picked posy will be sure to put a smile on mum’s face!

5.  Make a gift to treasure: A special keepsake for children to make is the classic pasta necklace or bracelet. These simple steps are a super fun activity for children with the end result a gorgeous keepsake mums, nans, aunties or other special women will cherish.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Mother’s Day in 2020!

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