6 Ways to Make Mums Feel Special this Mother’s Day

It’s almost that special day in May that we all celebrate mums and mother figures in children’s lives! Making sure mums feel special this Mother’s Day on Sunday 8 May is easy with these six ways.

1. Create something to treasure

Many mums like jewellery, so why not make a real craft activity out of it and help children to make the beads and paint them for a bracelet or necklace for mum! Make them, bake them, paint them, thread them and VOILA a beautiful keepsake for mums to cherish over the years! Head here for instructions.
Other ideas are this gorgeous egg carton art, some lovely icy-pole stick photo frames or colourful tissue paper flowers.

2. Write something thoughtful

Homemade cards are a must (try this handprint card!). Help children to write something thoughtful by prompting them with questions like ‘What is your favourite thing to do with mummy?’, or ‘What makes your mummy special?’.

3. Make it personal

Mother’s Day can be a different, personal experience for many children. Don’t forget that sometimes mum may not be present, so aunties, grandmothers, step-mums and other mother figures may be more appropriate for some children.

4. Invite mums to celebrate

A Mother’s Day breakfast, morning or afternoon tea is fun for everyone! Plan ahead, let families know and keep it simple. And our next two suggestions make this even more enjoyable!

5. Make mums something yummy

These Jam Drops are a simple treat for children to help make for mums, aunts and grandmothers visiting the centre. Of course, there are the classic scones, fruit kebabs and many other options to explore.

6. Sing a special song

You may like to help children learn this short Mother’s Day poem as a special performance element for your Mother’s Day celebrations. It is always loved by children and mums! We’re sure you’ll find it is sweet and meaningful for every kind of mum. We always recite this poem with actions – they are quite obvious but if you’re not sure, create your own!
There you have it – six ways to make mums feel special. Happy Mother’s Day!

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