7 Strategies to Be Ready for Your Next NQS assessment

Working to improve your NQS Rating enhances outcomes across the board – for children, for families, for educators and for your service. 

When you operate with the NQF as your guide, you will be taking the right steps toward gaining the highest possible NQS Rating when your assessment time arrives. 

Similarly, putting programs, strategies and plans in place to elevate your service’s offering can enhance your NQS Rating too. 

It all comes down to approaching the way a centre is run with a plan that considers all aspects of the National Quality Framework and puts children and educators at the front of mind.

  1. Keep your QIP, policies, systems and procedures updated

Due to some recent COVID restrictions, within a few weeks of receiving notification from the DET, you will be asked to provide the following: the latest version of your QIP or Self-assessment Tool, a few policies, samples of educational programs, risk management plan, enrolment records, signed permission forms and a few other documents. Keep your records in order and schedule a day every month to update your QIP and policies to avoid being stressed. 

  1. Be consistent with your centre’s practices and routines 

Being consistent is one of the main key ingredients. If you are working towards an Exceeding rating, you must make sure that all procedures and routines in all rooms are consistent. 

Our latest A&R Report 2021 Summary Comments at Bonkers Beat highlighted: “The consistency in intent and the approach to practice across the service created a strong sense of continuity, predictability and security for each child.”

  1. Reflect on your centre’s philosophy and practices. 

Make sure that your centre’s philosophy is holistic and practices are embedded in your service operations. When reflecting on your centre’s philosophy, don’t forget to engage educators, families and children in decision-making.

Quality Area 1 is one of the most important and complex. Aim for all educators to be trained and empowered to be able to lead a wide range of educational experiences daily.  

  1. Get external support, help each other and have fun!

Work together as a team, solve problems, support each other and get external help. Create some games, turn a challenge into an opportunity to bring educators together, bond with your team and have fun! 

  1. Have your pieces of evidence ready 

Make sure you use different ways of keeping records and presenting examples of your practices (both online and offline). Create a list of different questions to practise with your team during staff meetings and throughout the day. 

  1. Be present, stay in the moment

This tip is the most crucial. Being present, and being connected to children and each other is a daily practice and can’t be faked. Master this skill on a daily basis. During the visit, try to forget about an assessor, stay in the moment and be yourself!

  1. Be confident, feel excited and… SMILE!

Confidence comes with daily practice. Don’t change your practice or routines a day before the assessment. Just make sure that you act confidently and can explain ‘Why’ you do what you do. If an assessor asks a question, don’t rush with the answer. Take time and be ready with your answer. 

Of course, creating a structure for your programs that addresses every aspect of the framework is easier said than done. It takes time and effort and let’s face it – those things can be hard to come by in early childhood education!

Not to worry as we have done the hard work for you. The Bonkers Beat programs have been carefully designed to ensure your service is doing everything possible to meet (and exceed!) all requirements of the NQF. Plus, you’ll be supported to deliver an engaging program that fosters children’s development with proven educational strategies!

To top it off, we have a reward for our followers – a special offer for new services to access a 12-month Bonkers Beat Membership with additional 4 months FREE. It’s only available until 30 September 2022 — so jump on it!

All the details you need are here; www.bonkersbeat.com/springoffer.

Alternatively, give us a call on 13000-B-BEAT or email us to get started.

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