A breakthrough in ongoing professional development for early childhood educators

We all know that professional development opportunities are essential in early childhood, especially if you want to achieve the following:

    • 1. Retain educators and ensure that they feel valued and fulfilled;


    2. Keep staff in the know with the latest industry strategies and knowledge to deliver the highest standard in education and care.

But timing professional development and fitting it in to the year for your whole team can seem impossible, particularly when you want to avoid interrupting the smooth running of your child care centre or kindergarten.
It’s also important to see real, tangible value in the professional development opportunities you choose to invest in – you want to see inspired and motivated educators, fresh ideas and strategies and positive changes to make a difference.

Professional development with REAL benefits

As a childcare owner myself, I know the importance of practical and effective professional development. That’s why I developed the Wellness Summits as part of the Bonkers Beat programs. The entire team from each and every centre running the Bonkers Beat program gets the opportunity to attend TWO exclusive Wellness Summits EVERY year. The Wellness Summits take place in summer and winter, plus we run them in each state so no one misses out or has to travel interstate.
It’s not just the management or team leaders that are invited to head along – the Wellness Summits deliver a day of exclusive professional development to your entire team!
Other significant benefits include:

    • – Bonding with your entire team


    • – Networking with educators from other services


    • – Engaging in practical, hands-on experiences


    • – Learning from the best early childhood and wellness experts


    • – Takeaways you can implement in your centre immediately


    – And so much more!

The Summits feature guest speakers who are ready to share with you and your team, enlightening you on a range of different topics and unique approaches to grow your knowledge on various aspects of early childhood education.
A whole day of the highest quality professional development with your entire team twice a year – this must be among the most cost-effective approaches to professional development available!
The Wellness Summits are 1-day events for your entire team to attend together with NO additional costs, fees, tickets – it’s all included in the Bonkers Beat membership! And because your whole team is welcome to come along, you don’t need to worry about passing on what you learn – everyone will be there to take it in!
I believe that nurturing the wellbeing of educators, owners and directors is vital to enhance the wellbeing of children. For this reason, the Wellness Summits aren’t just professional development – they offer valuable personal development to your team too.
To all the Bonkers Beat members, we cannot WAIT to see you there!
If you’re not yet a member but you want to access our innovative, practical and cost-effective professional development day for your entire staff, feel free to send us an email to info@bonkersbeat.com to find out the many benefits of being part of the Bonkers Beat family.
To view some images from our latest Wellness Summit and get the feel of these incredible events, click HERE.

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