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Our brand new Bonkers Beat website is live – welcome!

We are so excited to share this dynamic, fresh website with you and you’re going to love it!

This project took a long time for us to complete, but we are proud of the outcome. You are one of the very first people to view it and we are SO excited that we have a super special gift for you!

To continue to support the early childhood educators and the incredible children’s services who work so hard, we’ve included a range of Free Resources. Here you can access a growing selection of printable educational resources, including transitional songs, children’s animal yoga poses guides, daily routines posters and so much more! We will continue to add to this list, so check our website regularly!

The Bonkers Beat shop is now up and running too! All of Bonkers the Monkey’s beloved hits can be purchased, along with all of our popular resources. Getting inspiration and bringing the benefits of singing and stretching into your homes or childcare settings has never been more accessible!

We have worked hard to create a website that delivers for everyone – educators, owners, directors and parents. Our next projects are: a private website for all Bonkers Beat Members and a website for Bonkers Beat Music Kinder Aspendale parents. 

In fact, we’re even working on a fun area for children too! 

If you are already running Bonkers Beat programs at your service, we hope you’ll enjoy easy access to all our resources. If you want to provide more benefits for your children and families, join our fast growing family.

We can’t wait to provide you with more support and bring more resources for you to use at home and in your classrooms.

We welcome your feedback and comments which can sent to [email protected] 

We hope you all enjoy our new website!

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