A world where everyone belongs – Harmony Day 2020

Harmony Day is on Saturday 21 March, with Harmony Week taking place in the lead up from 16 March, and there is no better time to focus on the message that ‘everyone belongs’.

This is a wonderful time to enlist the support of your educators and families within your centre’s community. We are so lucky in Australia to have such a culturally diverse country, so let’s share in one another’s culture to celebrate harmony and belonging.

Sharing our cultures with one another

Your centre might like to try having a different person or group in each day of Harmony Week to share something special from their culture. It might be a gorgeous Indian traditional dress, a beautiful Russian song and dance or a tasty French treat.

Explore how special our differences make us and showcase the beauty in sharing and appreciating these differences with one another.

You might also spend time looking at all the things we have in common as well. For example, find a song that is sung in many languages and show how children in multiple countries and languages all sing the same song with the same message.

Singing and celebrating

We couldn’t leave out our own special cultural inclusivity anthem, Let’s Celebrate!

Add this song along with its moves (and sign language!) into your Harmony Day celebrations. Singing is the perfect approach to bring people together in a joyful way that is also incredibly engaging for children.

Create a Harmony Day event

We have chosen Harmony Day — Saturday 21 March, from 10AM until 12PM— as the day to host our Open Day! In keeping with the messaging of this special day, the Bonkers Beat Music Kinder Open Day will feature activities for all, including an African drumming workshop! If 49 Laura Street, Aspendale, Victoria is within your vicinity, feel free to register and join us on the day! It is of course a free event, but click here to register so we can keep track of how many people will be attending.

You might like to create an event for Harmony Day that includes your families and community to help to bring people together and ensure that we all feel we belong. Download your Harmony Day resources here, such as posters, certificates, art and craft activities and so much more. Or to receive promotional products to help you celebrate Harmony Day in 2020, register your Harmony Day event here.

However you choose to mark Harmony Day, congratulations on contributing to a world where everyone belongs!

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