Bonkers Beat Song – ‘Left and Right’


‘Left & Right’ (Music & Lyrics by Galina Zenin)

Leading and Open-Ended Questions: 

  • How many hands do you have? 
  • How many feet do you have? 
  • How many fingers do we have? 
  • How many toes do we have? 
  • Which hand do you prefer to use? 
  • What jobs/things can our hands do? 
  • What can we use our fingers for? 
  • What do we call the fingers on our feet? 
  • Are fingers the same as toes? 
  • What does it mean if you are left handed? 
  • What does it mean if you are right handed? 
  • What is the opposite hand to your right? 
  • What is the opposite hand to your left? 
  • Is your right hand opposite to your left hand? 
  • And vice versa? Is your right foot opposite to your left foot? 
  • And vice versa? What are other opposites you can think of? 
  • Which hand do you like to wave with? 
  • Which hand do you use to shake hands when greeting a person? 
  • How many hands do we need to clap when we applaud? 
  • When would we clap our hands together and why? 

Ideas to Boost Creativity:
-Making puppets (Lenny/ Leo the Lion and Ruby / Rebecca the Rabbit)
-Drawing animals (Lion and Rabbit)

Other Creative Ideas:

  • Take a piece of white paper and a black pen for a better contrast
  • Trace your child’s hands (or encourage your child to do it themselves)
  • Write ‘L’ for left on the left hand and ‘R’ for right on the right hand (or encourage your child to write themselves)
  • Cut out the hands (or encourage your child to cut themselves)

Ideas to Promote Literacy:
Spelling, learning letters L & R, animals, objects beginning with these letters at home, in a garden, etc

Other Ideas:
Puzzles: Parts of a body

Provocations for Thinking and Possibilities for Learning:
-Discuss the uses of hands and fingers,
-How would people without hands and fingers do the things that we can with our hands and fingers? Discuss the use of hands as greetings or communication such as Auslan and reading Braille.
-Discuss when it is appropriate/expected that we applaud. This idea could be extended to discuss appropriate behavior when at performances i.e. performance etiquette eg no talking whilst someone is performing or talking and then when they’ve finished, the audience applauds.
-Explore other ideas of opposite such as hot/cold, up/down, in/out etc.