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We all know how busy life is, meaning that leisure activities like reading books and magazines don’t often get prioritised. Thankfully, an exceptional early childhood industry publication means you can enjoy reading while also squeezing in some professional development!
Belonging Early Years Journal is a publication that is well worth taking the time to read – and we’re thrilled to be included in the latest issue! You’ll find featured across pages 20-23 covering all that you might be interested in about achieving an Excellent Rating.
The Belonging Early Years Journal is packed full of quality, engaging material for educators of all levels. If you are able to find the time to read an industry publication, make sure you take note of these interesting pieces in the Belonging Early Years Journal:
President’s Report on Page 4; The Importance of Teaching Gratitude on Page 12; and Teaching Children With ASD in Early Learning on Page 30.
Owners and directors, you may find the article Master Your Marketing in 2018 (Page 40) of particular interest – perfect to help you up your marketing game and shine among the competition in your area.
The full issue is here:

A new way to connect with other Centre Owners and Directors

During the 2018 ACA Victoria Conference, we met many Centre Owners and Directors and many spoke to us about their challenges. The common thread – owners and directors are always looking for support and keen to support each other.
These conversations inspired us to create a new Facebook Group specifically for Early Childhood Centre Owners. So, if you are a Centre Owner and would like to connect with like-minded people, get inspirations and practical tools, join our new Facebook Group – Early Childhood Centre Owners Connect.
We’d love you to be part of this supportive community, so join us here and join the conversation! Together we can achieve so much more.

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