Top 3 Benefits of Whole Team Training

Last week’s 2017 ACAV Conference was fantastic. The event saw 960 participants attend, with participants from all over Australia.
There were really interesting sessions with lots of ideas and the expo was just amazing. Seeing so many passionate educators is always a beautiful sight to behold – early childhood is such an important sector and it deserves this dedication.
Professional development is so vital to to give children the best start in life. One thing in particular to note from ACAV Conference was that some centres brought a few educators to attend and learn. While it’s not always easy organising staff at one place at one time, but if you can, there is no doubt that the whole team will experience the benefits.
So what benefits are there to be drawn from approaching professional development and training as a team?

1. Collective knowledge

When your team’s knowledge increases as a group, they can encourage one another and share perspectives. Teams who have done training together often reflect on what they learned and have a better understanding of the training.

2. Ideas and improvements

With everyone on the same page, your educators’ ability to apply what they learned is increased too. From the collective knowledge developed through group PD training, educators will have a solid shared foundation on which to brainstorm fresh ideas and improvements to the way you operate in your centre.

3. Bonding time

A team whose members know and understand one another have a better chance of working together more effectively. Giving your team of educators the opportunity to have experiences outside of the workplace and their usual set tasks can help develop both their professional and personal relationships. The results can be lower staff turnover, higher educator engagement and an overall happier team.
The Bonkers Beat programs were built with whole team professional development and training in mind. That’s why all centres who implement Bonkers Beat Programs, attend two Wellness Summits each year in order to learn and grow together.
Speaking of Bonkers Beat, our ‘Match & Win’ raffle resulted in two lucky winners out of almost 200 entries! The winning centres will now have access to our Bonkers Beat Starter Program online course (valued at $595). They can use this program for their entire team to build confidence in implementing music into daily routines.
In the interests of developing strong teams within your centre, we want to give you some practical tools.
Click here to access the special offer. Your whole team will reap the rewards – and so will your centre, your families and children.

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