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Recently Galina and Bonkers have traveled the world, sharing their music and passion for early childhood education across the UK, France, Belgium and Russia.

Educators and childcare organisations in multiple countries have learned about the Bonkers Beat approach and wanted more! We are so proud to represent Australia with our award-winning early childhood education programs best of all there are many early years educational services over the world who want to join us, which is very exciting! Watch this space!

Supporting and collaborating on a global scale means we can share the power of music even further and ensure we are doing our very best to provide all children with excellent  developmental outcomes. 

While in the UK, we met with an organisation called Parenta. Parenta specialises in providing software for preschools and childcare services and is a leading provider of apprenticeships and training for early childhood professionals.

With so much in common and a shared dedication to the best start for young children, Galina has contributed an article to Parenta’s magazine.  

Read Galina’s article for Parenta here, or access the entire magazine.

If you have not accessed our free Bonkers Beat transitional songs, get your access via the article and enjoy them! You will find three songs, each designed with a goal in mind including tidying up, getting ready for group time and one to prepare for rest time. They are sure to make your transition times far more manageable!

You can find this Parenta article here:

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