Bonkers Beat Music Program selected for the School Readiness Funding Menu

School readiness is such a vital element of early childhood education. It is within kindergarten settings that we lay the foundation to build a lifelong love of learning for children. This is why we are so excited and honoured that Bonkers Beat Music Program has been selected for the School Readiness Funding Menu!

What is School Readiness Funding?

The School Readiness Funding is a Department of Education and Training initiative in Victoria, giving all services with a funded kindergarten program across the state the opportunity to access funding for programs proven to enhance school readiness.
And Bonkers Beat Music Program has been chosen to feature in the menu!
According to the SRF website, the menu includes evidence-informed programs and supports that address the three priority areas for school readiness funding:

  • communication (language development)
  • wellbeing (social and emotional)
  • access and inclusion.

To find out when your kindergarten’s school readiness funding kicks in, take a look here.

Bonkers Beat recognised for developing school readiness

To be recognised for the amazing positive impact Bonkers Beat programs have on children as they make their way toward primary school is an honour — especially to be selected alongside a number of other reputable and inspiring organisations such as Kidsmatter, Yarn Strong Sista and so many more.
You can view the whole School Readiness funding menu here.
If you’re a Victorian kindergarten, this funding creates an exciting opportunity for you to invest in the quality of the early childhood education you offer, enhancing the outcomes for children, families, communities and your centre. In fact, no matter where you’re based, the very existence of this funding is a timely reminder of how essential school readiness is for the children in our care.
Explore the Bonkers Beat programs and discover for yourself just how effective they are in helping you give children the very best start in life:

Spending your funding

The School Readiness funding menu is where all services in Victoria with funded kindergarten programs will spend most of their funding. This menu enables services to ensure they are accessing programs that have been validated for their effectiveness in supporting children’s development across those three vital areas of communication, wellbeing and inclusion.
When considering how to spend your School Readiness funding, assess what your service’s particular needs are and what will be the best fit for you.
It’s worth noting that the menu is available to all services, not just those receiving the funding. So, when you’re looking for programs and support to bolster your childcare service, this program menu is a useful tool to know that your choice is evidence-informed and supported by the department.
To discover more about the Bonkers Beat Programs, visit

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