Bonkers Beat Success Story Revealed, VIC: Increased Occupancy by 35% in 8 months!

Like countless childcare centres and kindergartens in Australia, Ellina from ‘Smart Oz Kidz’ was feeling the pressure that comes with a low occupancy rate. Struggling to find a way to stand out from the competition, Ellina knew that she had to take action, and that’s when she decided to try the Bonkers Beat programs.
Eight months ago, Ellina’s centre occupancy was sitting at around 60%. Today?

 Since promoting the Bonkers Beat music program at our centre we have reached just over 95% capacity”, says Ellina.

Adding weight to their curriculum, a strong point of difference and a sense of quality programming has appealed to families in the community and things just keep getting better.
In fact, it’s not just occupancy that has improved but the way the entire centre runs. Ellina credits the way the Bonkers Beat content and philosophy links to outcomes for the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Framework. Not to mention, the visible benefits for children’s learning.

 Bonkers Beat has enhanced our educator’s approach to programming. The way the Bonkers Beat songs are to the world around us, which gives us great links with our programming and it ties beautifully with the framework”, Ellina explained.

The Bonkers Beat approach has even caught on with parents and families who are now more involved in their children’s early childhood education than ever before.

 Everyone is just so happy to see children going home singing the songs and listening to music together. Parents are now more involved because with the music and the book, they get to explore it together and it’s a family activity. Families are definitely more involved in the child’s learning which is fabulous”, says Ellina.

The broad scope of the benefits the Bonkers Beat programs bring is exciting and inspiring, within the centre and beyond.

 One of our families, their oldest child is learning to play the piano and is now learning to play the Bonkers Beat songs – the whole family is participating which is so fantastic to see! And another child with us who is visually impaired. Well, the Bonkers Beat music has brought about such confidence and joy for him and to see that is just so rewarding and priceless”, shares Ellina.

Could the Bonkers Beat programs help your centre and children to flourish too? YES!

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