Case study: Value of embedded music and wellbeing programs

In December last year Bonkers Beat Music Kinder and the Bonkers Beat programs were featured in a case study in Belonging Early Years Journal (page 26 & 27) – the official industry publication from Australian Childcare Alliance.
The special feature in this edition of Belonging Early Years Journal was a series of service provider case studies. Each case study examined ways four of Australia’s most innovative centres took unique approaches to enhance the quality of the centre. Our very own Bonkers Beat Music Kinder in Aspendale, Victoria was featured as one of these innovative centres!
While we are always so proud of the quality of care delivered at Bonkers Beat Music Kinder, it is extra special to be recognised for the innovative practices embedded in the centre. After all, it is those very practices that contributed to our centre receiving an Excellent Rating under the NQS.
The case study makes note of the philosophies and educational approaches that the Bonkers Beat curriculum draws on, notably Reggio Emilia, Maria Montessori and Howard Gardiner, as well as Kodaly and Orff. It also highlights the incredible power of music, stating “it has been proven that there is no other art form, hobby or activity that can produce the same level of lasting neurological benefits as music”.
The Belonging case study talks about our daily singing and music making, breathing exercises and positive affirmations, stretching and yoga – all designed to lay a strong foundation for children’s lifelong love of learning.
While these elements, that are all part of the Bonkers Beat program available to all centres Australia-wide, enhance outcomes for children and families, they importantly can benefit childcare centres from a business perspective. The Belonging article explains that thanks to a unique point of difference delivered by Bonkers Beat programs, our centre thrives regardless of marketplace challenges.
Every centre is looking for a magic spell to bring success to their centre, but we have found that the magic of music is the answer! Specialised, ongoing training for educators, programs that can be enjoyed at home as well as during care, and an approach to learning that has lifelong benefits – that’s the Bonkers Beat approach and we would like to thank ACA for sharing it with Australia in this case study!
Read the entire case study here:

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