Celebrating Harmony Week: Supporting Diversity and Inclusion in ECEC

Harmony Day is coming up on 21 March 2023, amongst Harmony Week from 20 – 26 March. This is a time to recognise the cultural diversity that makes Australia a vibrant and multicultural nation. It is an occasion to celebrate the country’s diverse culture and promote inclusion, respect, and understanding among all. 

Early childhood education services have an essential role in fostering respect, understanding, and harmony among young children. Celebrating Harmony Day and Harmony Week can help promote these values while teaching children about different cultures, languages, and traditions.

The importance of celebrating Harmony Day and Harmony Week 

We believe that celebrating any form of harmony can only be a good thing! But there are also a few key reasons why shining a spotlight on Harmony Week is especially valuable in early childhood education.

1. Promotes Diversity

Children need to learn about and appreciate diversity in all its forms from a young age. Celebrating Harmony Day and Harmony Week is an excellent way to introduce children to the many different cultures and traditions that make up our society.

2. Fosters Inclusion

Early childhood education services have a unique opportunity to teach children about inclusion and respect for people from different backgrounds. Celebrating Harmony Day and Harmony Week can help children understand the importance of treating everyone equally, regardless of their race, religion, or cultural background.

3. Builds Community

Celebrating Harmony Day and Harmony Week can bring together families and communities to celebrate cultural diversity and promote inclusion. It is an opportunity to build strong relationships among families, educators, and children and create a sense of belonging for all.

Ideas for you to celebrate harmony in your service

If you’re ready to capture the spirit of harmony at your early childhood education service, we’ve got a few ideas to help (plus some free resources for you!)

Try new foods: Sharing food is an excellent way to bring people together and celebrate cultural diversity. Explore traditional dishes to share and use this as an opportunity to learn about different traditions, ingredients and cooking methods.

Include your community: Rather than choosing any culture and their unique traditions, chat to your educators and families to ask if they’d like to share something from their background. It’s always extra special for children to see their culture represented among their peers!

Learn new languages: Learning a few words or phrases in different languages can be fun and engaging for young children. Encourage families to share words and phrases in their native language, and use these in everyday activities such as greeting each other and saying goodbye. It’s also fantastic for the developing brain!

Explore traditional music and dance: Music and dancing is a great way to celebrate cultural diversity and promote inclusion. Encourage families to share traditional dance styles and teach the children some simple moves. Sing along to songs and listen for the different instruments that we might not hear every day.

FREE Resources to help educators celebrate Harmony Week

We’ve compiled some free resources to help educators celebrate Harmony Day and Harmony Week with children! 

These resources include activity ideas, printable worksheets, and music and movement resources that promote diversity and inclusion. You can access these resources here.

Together let’s promote diversity and respect while creating a welcoming and inclusive environment and mindset for your community!

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