Connecting with Community Through Education

At every level of education there is an opportunity to create strong connections. Connections through education can be with peers, educators, families and/or with the community. Education Week takes place in Victoria from 23 to 29 MayThis year the theme is ‘Building Connections’, which aims to celebrate the power education has to build bonds between us all. It’s a great reminder for everyone working with and taking part in our education system to consider our own role and connections too.

As educators in early childhood education, we believe it is part of our role to support and grow these connections for ourselves, our centres and also for the children in our care. As part of this endeavour we can also improve outcomes for children by increasing parent engagement with a child’s early childhood education.

There are many ways we can continue building our connections… Here are a few approaches to consider:

Visit the local library with children: The local libraries are full of wonder and excitement and present the opportunity for children to connect with their communities. Not only that, but browsing through books continues that sense of connection to the world and others through storytelling.

Connect with senior citizens clubs: From community groups to aged care facilities, there are many ways we can connect with others and learn from one another. Plus, the mutual benefits of connection between the youngest and oldest members of society have been well-documented! Check on current pandemic restrictions to work out a viable approach for your region. 

Set up a community garden: Growing herbs at your service provides children with some amazing educational experiences that they can engage with on multiple sensory levels. But it’s also a great way to connect with your community! Invite locals to borrow from the herb garden and maybe even leave a note of what they are making with the produce.

Host open days or information evenings: Invite the community to be a part of what you do within it. An open day or information evening allows you to involve local families with all that is happening within the early childhood education sector too. For example, currently many families are feeling confused about the changes around free kinder. Keep your local community in the know and let them know just how important it is to commit to their child’s early learning. 

Speaking of information nights, we have one coming up at Bonkers Beat in Aspendale. If you’re part of our local community, join us on Tuesday 8 June at 7.30pm and take the opportunity to connect and learn more about the Bonkers Beat way and what the changes to free kinder mean for you and your family.

To register for the Bonkers Beat Music Kinder Information Night, click here

What do you do to build and foster meaningful connections in and around your service or community? Share with us on social media!

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