Creative ideas for Father’s (and a Special Person’s) Day

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Father’s (and a Special Person’s) Day is around the corner, with the annual occasion taking place on 2 September in Australia this year. That means it’s time to plan a celebration such as morning or afternoon tea with some special surprises for the great men in children’s lives!
Taking the time to acknowledge the important role dads have in the family is fun and exciting for children, and it can also include men in children’s lives who are special male role models and father figures too. After all, families come in all different shapes and sizes, and being inclusive ensures everyone gets to join in.
Create an invitation or notice that highlights this by inviting fathers and other special male role models. Many centres opt for Fathers and Special Person Day and specifically note that step-dads, uncles, grandfathers and family friends in children’s lives are invited.
Get some takeaway coffee cups and sort everyone out with a hot drink as the dads and other special men enjoy being the centre of attention. A few simple craft stations or a little performance are all you need to create a memorable event.
If you’re looking for some craft ideas to do at centres or even for parents to do at home with children, here are five great ones to try!

Five special creative ideas:

  1.  Recite or write a poem for dads: To help you get organised, enjoy exclusive access to our much-loved Bonkers Beat poem ‘My Daddy’ – click here.
  2. Paint a portrait: Get out the paints and ask children to create a portrait of their dad or special male figure. If you have the time, you can even do this as part of the father’s day event.
  3. Dad grassheads: You need to get these done in advance, so don’t waste another moment and get started!
  4. Coins and keys box: Make sure dad never loses his keys again and can keep track of his loose change with a DIY box child can make. Here’s how.
  5. Following in your footsteps: This heartfelt craft requires a little more effort but it’s worth it for how thoughtful it is and what a beautiful keepsake it makes. Credit to Kidspot.

We look forward to hearing about your creative ideas you use with children in celebrating Father’s (and a Special Person’s) Day. Please share with us on our Facebook page.

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