Dream Big as a Dream Team

A shared dream can bring people together in a special way. But how do we just conjure up a shared dream for educators, parents and children? Start with a shared space!
The childcare centre itself is a space that is already meaningful to educators, parents and children. Each of these groups is invested in the quality of the centre, so if you are brainstorming new ways to strengthen the relationships within your centre’s community, start with the centre! The best way to do this? A working bee of course!
Dream Big at your next Working Bee
Much like the buzzing bees pollinating flowers in our gardens, the humble working bee is often overlooked for its ability to bring the childcare community together. But organising a working bee at your centre will not only enhance your centre but the relationships there too!
We hosted a working bee at Bonkers Beat Music Kinder in Aspendale last week and WOW what a great time we had. The working bee theme was ‘Dream Big’ — take a look at the photos for some working bee inspiration here.
If you want to build relationships as well as some new features at your next working bee, here are a few tips to make it happen:
Relationship-building Working Bee Tips

  1.   Working bees bring everyone together over a shared dream or goal

Whether it’s a new sandpit or mud kitchen, a fairy garden or an outdoor picnic area, together your centre’s community can dream up something special that will make the centre shine! Engage with children and families in the lead up and ask for their suggestions on what they think would benefit the centre most.

  1.   Share skills and talents

Everyone will have some way they can contribute at a working bee. Ask families if they can paint or build, or whether they’re good in the garden. Maybe project management is their talent, or they can bring some timber and tools in for the day? Make everyone feel like they can contribute in their own unique way. Then bring everyone together as a team!

  1.   Add in some fun

All work and no play is not ideal for any of us, but don’t worry – working bees can be fun and productive all at once! Whether it’s sharing a picnic lunch together or having a few games to break up the day, make sure there’s an opportunity to have some fun together as you work on bringing your shared dream to life.
To gain some inspiration take a look at the photos here! We’d also love to hear about your working bee success stories. Share with us on Facebook!

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