Dream Big with Book Week

From August 20 – 26, 2022 it’s time to celebrate Book Week! 

Each year since 1945 the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) has brought children and books together across Australia with Book Week. 

This year the theme is ‘Dreaming with eyes open’.

This got us thinking about the magic of books and all that they have to share to support children in their dreams and life. Here are a few areas we are focusing on this Book Week:

Expanding children’s imaginations

Reading takes us out of life as we know it and transports us to a new world to discover. Children can explore the impossible as characters fly above the clouds, live under the sea or use magic to go on wild adventures!

Encourage children to reflect on the stories you read together and ask open-ended questions. You might even write a story of your own with children, perform a story from a book, or get painting and drawing to bring their ideas to life.

Explore the Dreamtime through Indigenous stories                                                                                

We are so incredibly lucky in Australia to live together with the oldest known civilisation in the world. The rich history and culture Indigenous Australians have to share with us are well worth taking the time to explore. 

Take the time to read stories about the Dreamtime such as The Rainbow Serpent, How the Birds Got their Colours, How Turtle Got His Shell, Somebody’s Land and many more to better understand Aboriginal Australian culture. 

Promote the enjoyment of reading

As Kate DiCamillo says: “Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty.  It should be offered to them as a precious gift.”

With so many benefits to enhancing children’s literacy from an early age, reading should be shown to be a fun and happy activity to be enjoyed. 

Studies show that reading often can improve children’s memory, communication skills, emotional and social development, confidence and more. 

Not to mention, the power of a strong grasp on literacy gives children the ability to develop vivid imaginations. 

This Book Week, pass on the lifelong gift of enjoying curling up and getting lost in a book to contribute to a bright future for children.

For more inspiration head over to our Bonkers Beat YouTube for Story Time. Happy Book Week!

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