Early Childhood Educators Day

We place the future of tomorrow’s leaders in the hands of early childhood educators each and every day – that’s a big responsibility! And thankfully it’s one that is viewed as a true privilege by early childhood educators. It is a job that, while rewarding, is challenging and requires a lot of patience. And it is a job that deserves more recognition and celebration than it perhaps receives.
The first Wednesday in September each year is Early Childhood Educators Day – a chance to show early childhood educators that their work is recognised, appreciated and valued. So next week on Wednesday 6 September, let’s do something special for early childhood educators.

Ways to Celebrate Early Childhood Educators Day

The Australian Childcare Alliance has many fantastic ideas to celebrate Early Childhood Educators Day.
Here are just a few:

  • Create an ECE Wall of Appreciation. Templates here. Encourage parents to help children to write down what they love about their educators. Parents might like to say what they value most about them too.
  • Colour-coordinate clothes for the day. Everyone comes to work in costume!
  • Create a giant “thank you” card for display in the reception area of the centre/kindergarten
  • Design a certificate of appreciation for each educator, or use one here.

Early childhood educators care for children during one of the most critical developmental stages in a human being’s life – the first five years. This care and focus on their early learning enable families to work as needed with the peace of mind that their children are safe and sound and receiving the best start.
To all early childhood educators, we commend you on your hard work, your kindness and your patience. And we thank you for all that you do each day.
Get involved in Early Childhood Educators Day on social media by using the hashtags:
#EarlyChildhoodEducatorsDay   #LoveMyECE

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