Easter Activities for Inside and Out

Get ready to celebrate a hoppy Easter with engaging Easter activities for both indoor and outdoor early learning settings. 

We’ve rounded up a few ideas to inspire you with Easter resources, games and crafts that are perfect for children and will lean into the joy of Easter!

Outdoor Activities

Themed Easter Egg Hunts

Elevate the traditional Easter egg hunt by introducing themes. For instance, you could hide eggs that are colour-coded, with each colour representing a different activity. Alternatively, try an educational twist by hiding eggs with letters or numbers inside. This not only makes the hunt exciting but also incorporates learning.

Bunny Hop Races 

Mark a starting line and finish line in an outdoor area. Children can compete in a bunny hop race, hopping from the start to the finish while holding a small ball or egg between their knees. This activity is excellent for developing balance and coordination.

Nature Easter Baskets 

Encourage children to explore nature by creating Easter baskets from items they find outdoors. This could include twigs, leaves, and flowers. This activity fosters creativity and a deeper appreciation for the environment.

Indoor Activities

Egg Decorating Workshop

Set up a station with emptied or plastic eggs (ideally recycled), paint, markers, stickers, and other decorative items. Children can express their creativity by decorating eggs in various styles. Consider introducing themes or challenges, such as creating the funniest or most colourful egg.

DIY Easter Baskets 

Using simple materials like paper, cardboard, and fabric scraps, children can create their own Easter baskets. This craft not only sparks creativity but also allows children to personalise their baskets for the egg hunt. Add in some elements from nature too, like leaves, flowers and whatever else you can find!

Storytime and Easter Crafts

Dedicate a cosy corner for Easter-themed storytime. Following the story, children can engage in related crafts, such as making bunny ears, Easter cards, or simple paper chicks. These activities are perfect for winding down at rest time and can be tailored to any age group.

Resources for Educators

To further enrich your Easter activities, consider incorporating educational resources that can be easily integrated into these games and crafts. 

We’ve got some EGGSellent Easter-themed books, printables, and resources designed specifically for early childhood education. These materials can provide additional ideas and support for creating an engaging and educational Easter experience. Find them here: 

Easter offers a wonderful opportunity to blend fun with learning through a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. By incorporating egg hunts, creative crafts, and educational twists, educators can provide a memorable and enriching experience for young learners. 

Don’t forget to explore our educational resources that can enhance your Easter activities here!

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