Smiles and Segways – Bonding at Bonkers Beat Aspendale

A yearly staff retreat is a tradition at Bonkers Beat Music Kinder in Aspendale, Victoria, and 2016 was no exception.
The benefits of educators taking time for team bonding outside of the workplace are invaluable, and once again we’ve found our staff retreat to be a worthwhile event.

Taking time to relax and reflect

Educators work hard and dedicate so much to make sure that today’s children are ready for everything life has to offer. Giving them a special day to smile and have fun with one another allows them to relax, reflect and, in the case of this year’s staff retreat, ride on Segways!
In the past, we have incorporated yoga, massage and even laughter sessions into our staff retreat days. This year we took to the Yarra Valley to experience all the beauty the Rochford Wines vineyards had to offer.

Team bonding… on Segways!

Riding on board our Segways (if you’re not sure what a Segway is, take a look here!), the team of educators from Bonkers Beat Music Kinder Aspendale admired the Rochford Wines grounds and practiced this adventurous new skill!
Together we faced the rather daunting task of learning to ride these unusual two-wheeled upright vehicles. What a wonderful bonding experience it was as we all encouraged one another and took on the challenge together. Of course, there was plenty of laughter too!
Some well-deserved wine tasting was a delightful addition to the day, not to mention the beautiful food.

Unwinding for our mental health

The mental health of educators is vital for centres to provide the highest quality care to children. By taking on a new challenge together we strengthened relationships within our team and underpinned the foundations for a supportive environment for all educators.
Laughing, some exercise and enjoying beautiful food together – what better outlet for staff to relax and unwind.
Of course, we also used our staff retreat day to discuss and share ideas about how we can make our centre the very best it can be. An open line of communication is a key factor when it comes to cultivating a culture of motivation, inspiration and happiness in the workplace.
Take a look at the album on Facebook to see how much fun we had!
The hardest part is coming up with something just as great for next year!

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