Ensuring Educators Are Well-looked After

It’s only natural that childcare centre directors, owners and managers are always seeking the very best educators possible to uplift workplace culture. It’s all well and good to find those people and bring them on board at your service, but have you ever wondered what makes these educators so great at what they do?  

Creating a workplace culture that fosters enjoyment and job satisfaction can transform your educators; not only how they feel about their career, but also  how your centre runs and subsequently delivers for children and families.

Centre directors, owners and managers – here are just a few essentials to embed in your early childhood education workplace to ensure your educators and service shine bright:

Human-centred approach: When you take this kind of approach in  your workplace, you put the needs and desires of your team at priority number one. A human-centred workplace puts core values such as teamwork, kindness, respect, gratitude and empathy at  the centre of everything it does. The outcomes of a human-centred approach are reduced stress, improved engagement and motivation, and a greater sense of loyalty and passion for the workplace.

Regular upskilling opportunities: People’s desire to grow is undeniable; we are always evolving and wanting to reach new goals. From a career perspective, upskilling is a great way to do this. Offering and encouraging upskilling opportunities for your employees will help them to gain a sense of pride in their accomplishments and help to continue opening new opportunities for their career. Embrace being a part of their journey in early childhood education!

Connecting and bonding staff: Many hours are spent at work with colleagues, so it makes sense that we get to know one another. Creating connections with the people we work with enables us to better understand them and work harmoniously. Provide chances for your team to connect and bond. This might be staff dinners or social events, staff retreats, group training and more. With the end of the year upon us, take the opportunity to plan an end of year celebration –  celebrate everyone’s accomplishments and relax and enjoy one another’s company.

Take care of your educators and the culture within your workplace and you will reap the rewards for your centre. Educators who are well-looked after and happy in their workplace can provide the most positive space for children to have the best start.

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