Every Mum is Special

Mother’s Day is around the corner – Sunday 10 May is the day to show mums extra TLC in 2015 (in Australia, that is).
No doubt you are all planning your Mother’s Day morning or afternoon tea events at the moment, so to give you a helping hand we’ve trawled the internet to put together just a few ideas for you… (Parents – all of these ideas are just as fun for celebrating mums are home too!)
FOOD: There’s the standard Mother’s Day treats likes scones and tea, then there’s these fantastic super fun suggestions including choc fruit kebabs, mint chocolate chip pancakes and flower sandwiches.
DECORATIONS: Getting children to create personalised placemats is a simple craft activity that can double as an extra little gift for mums. Yoghurt pot flowers make a great table centrepiece.
GIFTS: There are some gorgeous craft ideas to inspire you here. Of course, you probably have many of your own so please let us know your extra special DIY gift ideas by commenting on the blog post or sharing with us on Facebook.
The beauty of mothers is often in their uniqueness – as such, each child may have a different idea of how they would like to let their mum know that they love them. Get talking with children and find out before embarking on a production line of love heart cards – let’s make sure we open up to children’s ideas too. Of course keep in mind that in some cases it will be more appropriate to direct Mother’s Day gifts to grandmothers or aunts of some children.
Speaking of gifts, we would love to share this short Mother’s Day poem with you which is always loved by children and mums! We’re sure you’ll find it is sweet and meaningful for every kind of mum and perhaps you’d like to utilise it in some way during your Mother’s Day celebrations. We always recite this poem with actions – they are quite obvious but if you’re not sure, create your own!
We’d love to hear how you are celebrating Mother’s Day… Whether you’re a parent or an educator, share with us: facebook.com/BonkersBeat.
Happy Mother’s Day!

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