Everyone Belongs – Harmony Day 2019 in Early Childhood

The message that ‘Everyone Belongs’ is so very true and important, and while any time is a good time to celebrate and share that message, Harmony Day is one in particular… We’re so excited to remind you that Harmony Day is coming up on 21 March 2019, accompanied by Harmony Week from 17 – 23 March. Let’s celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity in a way that reinforces the message that Everyone Belongs!
With almost 50 per cent of the people of Australia born in another country or with a parent who was born overseas, Australia is an incredibly diverse nation – a fact that should make us all very proud! We are so lucky to have the chance to share in the cultures of the world right here in our island country!
Here are just a few things you could try while celebrating Harmony Day along with diversity, inclusivity and belonging in your childcare centre or kindergarten

Sing, sing, sing!

We are BONKERS about singing (of course!), and we know just how engaging this approach is for children. Singing can also be a wonderful way to celebrate other cultures and include or bring joy to others along the way. Does anyone in your centre – families or staff – have a song from their own cultural background they can share? If not, there are many to be found online. We have our very own Bonkers Beat song that is perfect: Let’s Celebrate. Take a look at how you can get children singing and moving (and even doing sign language) here:

Move your body!

Dance is a worldwide form of expression, and many cultures will have their own unique dances or movements for a range of occasions. Ask around your centre’s families and staff and see what everyone has to share. If dancing doesn’t pan out, sports can be another area to explore or even cultural dress – this link shows cultural dress from all over the world.

Get cooking!

There’s something lovely about sharing a meal with others and connecting over a feast, so why not extend that sense of belonging during mealtime by getting multicultural with it. Throughout Harmony Week you could have a new international dish each day for children to enjoy and talk about where it comes from.
For more resources and information about Harmony Day, take a look at their official website here: www.harmony.gov.au.
However you choose to celebrate Harmony Day or Harmony Week, it’s all about celebrating our differences and the things that we have in common too. Sharing and learning, exploring and belonging together as human beings.

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