Exploring The Science Of Wellness

Science Week is coming up and there are lots of fun science ideas to try with children. 

Why not also consider the science of wellness and nutrition too? Boosting our immune systems and overall health is important at every age, and having an informed knowledge about what is good for our bodies is a must.

There is plenty of research that supports the importance of nutrition for good health. From the impact of getting the right amount of vitamins to the value of herbal medicines. Health and science definitely go hand in hand! While we all contend with a pandemic, it makes sense to learn about how to best keep our bodies fighting fit!

Here are a few things to explore with children as you consider the science of wellness:

Understanding vitamins: Vitamins and minerals are vital for a strong immune system and for bodies to work to the best of their ability. Talk about the different vitamins and where they come from and what they do. For example, vitamin D from the sun helps our skin and bones to stay healthy and can help make us feel happier. Veggies and fruit that contain Vitamin C are vital for the function of leukocytes – white blood cells that help fight infections.

And the combination of Vitamin D, C, and Zinc can help us boost our immune system and recover quicker after illness! 

Learn about healthy foods: Speaking of vitamins, there are plenty of foods that offer our bodies lots of vitamins. Eating a rainbow diet is a fun and healthy way to think about food, especially when helping children to understand it and taste new things. 

Get cooking during Science Week to explore different reactions and changes in foods. For an extra immune booster to nourish the body, particularly when a cold is coming on, this is a great tea recipe. Try making it with children too!

Talk about moving our bodies: Getting regular exercise is crucial. It can increase our disease-fighting white blood cells and reduce inflammation while improving our sense of wellbeing. And movement can be so much fun! Talk about why yoga and dancing are so good for our bodies to stay healthy and for making us feel uplifted and happy!

Focus on rest: Moving is important but so is sleep. Our bodies work hard to keep us healthy and to stay strong they need rest. During sleep, our bodies make a type of protein that targets infection and inflammation, so good quality sleep is essential for children and adults alike. 

Let’s help children (and one another) stay healthy and care for our bodies using science to improve our wellness now and well into the future!

How do you improve health through the wonders of nature? Share your thoughts below. 

Stay strong and take your own health into your hands. 

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