Focusing on music through the lens of the revised NQS

In striving to improve the position and quality of their childcare offering, many services are looking for ways to go ‘above and beyond’ expectations for meeting National Quality Standards. New guidelines clarify the difference between Meeting and Exceeding NQS rating levels for each standard. This allows services to have an in-depth understanding of the expectations of the revised NQF and improve their curriculum accordingly.
Many elements of the NQS, such as Element 1.1.1, focus on developing the best possible outcomes for children and enhancing their wellbeing. The exploration of creative arts, including music, now plays an even bigger role in meeting these expectations.
We have found that a focus on music in early childhood educational settings is more powerful than ever when considered through the lens of the revised NQS. This is a topic we intend to cover during our upcoming ‘7 Stones’ Management Event on Tuesday 28 May.
It is hard to believe that music and wellbeing practices are so transformational for centres looking to increase their NQS Rating and market position.
We have seen firsthand the incredible impact on services who implement music and wellbeing practices. That’s why this upcoming ‘7 Stones’ Management Event is all set to demonstrate how to enhance every Quality Area of the revised NQS and improve your rating through music and wellbeing practices.
During this inspiring presentation, you will discover how to:

  • Empower educators and transform improve centre’s culture
  • Increase occupancy and attract new families
  • Maximise opportunities for each child’s learning and brain development
  • Gain a marketing advantage and stand out
  • Engage parents and support them at home

You won’t want to miss this one. We’ve consulted with the best of the best to dig deep into the revised NQS so we can empower you with the right tools and strategies to flourish!
Spots won’t last, so register now and get ready to see things in a new light:
This event is designed specifically for management and so we urge centre owners and directors to attend.
Secure your spot now.

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