Long Day Care Professional Development programme & NQS Assessment

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Providers have flexibility in how they use the funding, however, all funding should be used for activities that support the implementation of the National Quality Framework.
Please note, that the most efficient way to provide professional development to your team is to pay a trainer to come to you and deliver training at your centre.
Bonkers Beat Training provides a wide range of benefits for children (QA1 & 5), for Educators (QA 5 & 7), for Families (QA 6) and for Management (QA 7).
Bonkers Beat Educational Programs & Training will:
- Improve educators’ skills through in-house training
– Provide ongoing guidance, support and easy-to-use range of educational resources
- Improve all areas of NQS
- Increase occupancy & make your centre stand out
Long Day Care Professional Development Programme – Funding Agreement:
To Read Funding Agreement click HERE
LDCPDP – Frequently Asked Questions:
Click HERE to read Frequently Asked Questions
Changes to Assessment and Rating
As mentioned in the introduction, a number of changes have been made to the assessment and rating process. It might help you to know that these changes are summarised are set out in an easy- to-follow table on pages 9 and 10 of the Guide to Assessment and Rating for Services (April 2014)
Resources to Support You with Your NQS Assessment:
ACECQA has updated some of its documents recently and the latest versions can be downloaded. Click on the links below to read/download the following documents:

Privacy Laws
On March 12 2014 changes to the Australian privacy laws came into force. We highly recommend you to review your service policy to ensure it reflects these changes. These changes are outlined on:

Privacy Fact Sheet 17 is also well worth reading:


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