Four Ways to Boost Immunity Every Day

As the country and world start to ease restrictions and move forward with COVID-19 seen as part of life, being healthy is becoming even more crucial than ever before.

There are many ways we can boost immunity and optimise the way our bodies function. In fact, they are so simple, you can incorporate them into every day!

Make an effort in these four areas and you’ll be strengthening the immune systems of everyone in your family!

Focus on whole foods: Vitamins and minerals from food are vital for a strong immune system. It can seem easy to reach for the pre-packaged foods, but they are often filled with salt, sugar, preservatives and artificial flavours. These are not ideal for a nutritious diet.

Whole foods like fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs and lean meats are the way to go. There are so many easy (and delicious) recipes to try that both children and adults will love. A simple way of making sure you are eating a range of healthy foods is by trying to eat a rainbow diet – the more colours the better! If you’re looking for recipes to specifically boost the immune system, get inspired here.

Get ample sleep: The body works hard to keep us healthy and to stay strong it needs rest. During sleep our bodies make a type of protein that targets infection and inflammation, so good quality sleep is essential for children and adults alike. Toddlers require around 10-13 hours, including a nap during the day. Pre-school and school-aged children will thrive with 10-12 hours each night.

Stay hydrated: Drinking plenty of water is a must for the body. Adequate hydration enables the body to efficiently flush out toxins, cleanse your kidneys and maintain good overall health. These can contribute to optimal functioning of all of the body’s systems.

Get moving: Exercise is a key element for any healthy lifestyle. It gives our cardiovascular system a good workout, helps us maintain healthy weight, reduces stress and improves our circulation. Take your exercise outdoors to maximise the outcomes – gain some extra inflammation-reducing Vitamin D from sunlight and even increase your disease-fighting white blood cells!

These four approaches to keeping your body in tip top shape can go a long way toward keeping your immune response in working order. Team this with good hygiene practices and appropriate physical distancing to keep yourself and others safe and sound!

Do you have any other tips for boosting immunity? Any favourite recipes? We’d love to be inspired by you too, so please share them HERE.

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