Fun and Sustainable Christmas Ideas

Sustainability is a priority at Bonkers Beat, and we are endlessly amazed by the incredible things that children can create using planet-friendly ideas and recycled materials. To help reduce landfills while still making gifts that will be cherished, we have compiled a bunch of Christmas craft ideas that are fun and gorgeous. Best of all, Earth will love them too!

Gift a tin-can plant: Tin-cans are easy to come by and have many uses. For a Christmas-themed decoration or a thoughtful gift, paint some tin-cans – fill them with soil and plant succulent cuttings in them. You can also add ribbons and other adornments to the tins with glue — whatever you can find!

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Twig trees: Children love to spend time outdoors, so collect some of nature’s resources while you’re there! Twigs are easy to come by and can make cute miniature Christmas trees. You can paint them, decorate them with small scraps of paper or offcuts of leftover tinsel. Pop a lump of clay or playdough in a milk bottle cap to create a stand you have a gorgeous sustainable decoration to display or give as a gift.

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Bake and decorate: Indulging in yummy food with loved ones is part of what the festive season is all about. So why not bake something delicious as a special Christmas contribution? Tasty treats are unlikely to go to waste! Cookies are simple to make and you can give children the opportunity to personalise them with icing and other edible decorations. Don’t forget to get the cookie cutters out to make Christmas tree shapes, stars or to keep it simple by sticking with the classic circular bauble shape! Kidspot has some good ideas here.

Get more inspiration for Christmas crafts, gift ideas, school holiday activities, and entertainment at our Music Kinder at Home Facebook group. It’s completely free to join and there are an endless supply of videos, images, and ideas that are engaging and fun. Click here to join.

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