Fun school holiday experiences (you probably haven’t tried!)

Fun school holiday experiences (you probably haven’t tried!)

The school holidays are here. If you’re running out of ideas to keep children feeling children engaged, energised and feeling happy, read on because we have done the thinking for you!

The movies at home

An outing to the movie theatre is a favourite pastime for many, but not only can it be a little expensive, it’s also off-limits for many due to the pandemic restrictions. Not to worry – let’s bring the cinema home! Set up your lounge room or playroom as a movie theatre by lining up some chairs and turning the lights out. Add in some craft to this experience by encouraging children to make tickets and pretend to sell them. And don’t forget the movie snacks – create your own ‘Candy Bar’ in the kitchen offering all the favourites like warm popcorn and ice creams in a cone. A memorable school holiday experience that children will love.

Dance party time

Movement is a must to optimise your child’s mood and burn off all that energy they have. But why not make it into a fun activity? Time for a dance party! Dress up, play with some face paint and create a dance party space with room for big moves and access to music. There are plenty of playlists to stream music that children will love simply by entering search terms like ‘kids party’. Get moving to Bonkers Beat tunes too! The perfect way to get physical and have fun doing it.

Learn something new

Children’s brains are so stimulated by new things, and while they are young it’s the perfect time to acquire new knowledge and skills. Why not commit to daily practice of something new these school holidays. From soccer to Aussie rules, dance choreography to singing or even playing a music instrument, set aside a little time each day to practice a new skill. Who knows, your child may have a secret talent waiting to be discovered! If you’re unsure of how to teach your child, there are YouTube tutorials for just about anything you can think of that will support you in getting the right information to your child.

Online support to level up your school holidays

If you like the ideas we have suggested above, you will love what we have instore for children via our online/at home school holiday program. Plus, it’s free for you to access and enjoy! Every single week day through the school holidays, at 9am, we have a super fun activity planned for you. Just head to the Music Kinder at Home group on Facebook to check it out each day and voila — excellent daily ideas to make sure children have plenty of fun these holidays. Best of all, these experiences like the ones below are suited to children right up to the age of around 8 (but many bigger kids will probably love them too!). Join the free Facebook group here.

These times are like no other, so with these ideas in mind, let’s make these school holiday’s one to remember! 

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