Galina Awarded for Excellence in Teaching

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Galina is officially a recipient of a 2015 State and Territory
ASG National Excellence in Teaching Award (NEiTA)!

Out of 1,100 teachers nominated across Australia, Galina is the only Early Childhood Educator in Victoria to receive this wonderful award.
The entire Bonkers Beat team would like to wish Galina the best of luck for the final round – to be a National award recipient! 
View the State and Territory recipient teacher profiles here.
ASG NEiTA are the only community based awards, giving school communities, parents,
grandparents and boards of management an opportunity to recognise and thank teachers
for the crucial work they do and making a real difference in education.

Thank you to all the educators who follow Galina’s blogs, who come to her workshops, conferences and simply sing, dance and make music with children.  Your ongoing support, enthusiasm and using music as a language to communicate, learn and grow helps children to develop.  Keep up your great work with embedding music in your everyday lives, in your centres and in your homes.
We congratulate all wonderful teachers, and a Happy Children’s Week!

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