Get Ready to Groove: Join the Bonkers Beat Dance Challenge!

It’s time to put on your dancing shoes — the Bonkers Beat Dance Challenge is here! Unleash your inner dancer and show off your best moves!

Early childhood services and families, this is your chance to engage in a fun and exciting activity that not only promotes physical activity but also encourages creativity and teamwork. Plus, it’s going to be super fun!

How to participate in the Bonkers Beat Dance Challenge

Participating in the Bonkers Beat Dance Challenge is simple and fun! 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get started:

Step 1: Watch the ‘Bonkers Beat’ music video on our Facebook page, TikTok or YouTube channel. Pay attention to the moves in the video as we break them down for you and listen for the beat!

Step 2: Once you’ve mastered the moves, it’s time to join in with everyone else. Use the hashtags #BonkersBeatDanceChallenge and #BonkersBeat to search for and connect with fellow participants on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. 

Step 3: Get creative and make your own dance video using the ‘Bonkers Beat’ song and the choreography you’ve learned. Feel free to put your unique spin on it. We can’t wait to see everyone’s creativity in action! 

Step 4: Don’t forget to share! We want to see your dance video so we can see just how amazing you all are! Use the hashtags #BonkersBeatDanceChallenge and #BonkersBeat so that we can easily find and celebrate your dance moves!

Prizes to be won!

What’s a dance challenge without some fantastic prizes? As well as having a great time participating in the #BonkersBeatDanceChallenge, you also have a chance to win prizes worth over $200! 

Here’s what’s up for grabs:

$75 Gift Card: Treat yourself, your children or your service to something special!

Video Tutorials and Printable Resources: Enhance your dance and music skills with video tutorials and printable resources for the 5 most popular Bonkers Beat songs, each valued at $25.

Yoga Cards: Stay balanced on and off the dance floor with our Yoga Cards, valued at A$20.

Positive Affirmations Poster: Keep your motivation high with our Positive Affirmations Poster.

The videos with the most views by November 20, 2023, will be crowned the champions and take home the prizes. So tag, share, and invite your friends to join the dance-off. Let’s spread the joy and dance together!

For more details about the challenge, you can visit

Go bonkers dancing with us

The Bonkers Beat Dance Challenge is not just about dancing; it’s about bringing joy, laughter, and positivity into our lives. Look forward to getting involved together and having some fun! 

To watch the ‘Bonkers Beat’ music tutorial, visit  Facebook page, TikTok or YouTube channel.

To listen to the full version of the ‘Bonkers Beat’ song, click the Spotify link here. 

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