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The first five years of every child’s life are crucial in giving children a life-long love of learning. It is a very short but extraordinary period of time when experiences can change the architecture of the developing brain.

At Bonkers Beat Music Kinder and Childcare in Aspendale, we feel it is a privilege to nurture and care for children during this time. Our service ensures that every child gets the opportunity to reach their full potential and thrive with a smile on their face.

Award-winning programs for children

Bonkers Beat is proud to have a unique and innovative curriculum and has been receiving the highest possible ratings from the Department of Education and Training over the last 12 years. In fact, the award-winning early childhood education programs embedded in our centre are also used by many other children’s services across Australia.

Inspired by globally renowned educational practices

Bonkers Beat Music Kinder provides a holistic approach and lays the foundation for children and families to improve their health and wellness. Bonkers Beat Music and Bonkers Gym Wellbeing programs are the foundation of our centre’s philosophy which draws on numerous sources to enhance the curriculum. 

Our healthy physical and social environments provide many opportunities for children within the centre to enhance their learning and development. They are the reflection of our unique philosophy, which integrates many principles and ideas from innovative approaches to Early Childhood Education into everyday routines. 

The vision of Dr. Maria Montessori, the philosophies of the Reggio Emilia Approach, and the theory of multiple intelligences developed by Dr. Howard Gardner, are embedded into the centre’s curriculum and are reflected in the centre’s documentation.

Get to know us better at Information Night

Find out how our childcare and kinder enhances children’s communication, concentration, social, emotional, and life skills, at our free Information Night. We’re sticking to a virtual event to keep everyone safe, but it will be jam-packed with valuable insights so you can get a true feel for who we are and what we offer families and children.

Attendees will take away practical strategies to enhance your child’s wellbeing and IQ at home. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend – your child does not have to be enrolled at Bonkers Beat Music Kinder & Childcare for you to join. In fact, we would love you to see many more new faces!

Current parents of children at Bonkers Beat Music Kinder are strongly encouraged to attend this session to find out more about 3yo and 4yo kinder programs and how they will benefit your child. Parents’ engagement is known to positively impact children’s early childhood education experience, so register to learn more about our innovative approach to early childhood education and award-winning programs.

Where: Online via Zoom
When: 7.30 – 8.30pm on Thursday, 4 November, 2021
Register for free:

We look forward to seeing you there!

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