Getting ready for school holidays

With the school holidays fast approaching, now is the time to have some school holiday programs ready to go! For childcare centres, this could mean a few things so let’s explore what school holidays could mean for you.

Take advantage of school holiday offers

Many events catering to children take place in communities during school holidays and you can also get some great school holiday special offers. Do your research and plan a few special excursions during the school holidays for the children in your care.

Create a school holiday program

A school holiday program is something that can break up the terms for children and be a lot of fun. You might even use a school holiday program to introduce new themes for the coming term or new routines.
If you have the capacity to do so, create a school holiday program that can be offered to school-aged children who need some extra activities during the school break. After all, working mums and dads can’t always take time off, so you could really make life easier for your families.

Music and wellbeing every day

There’s no need to have a holiday from music and wellbeing, that’s for sure! Incorporate extra music and wellbeing into the school holidays and experiment with some new ideas. With the weather improving as we move into spring, take your music and wellbeing activities outside, or even to the local park.
Educators who are looking for extra ideas, or parents with time off over the term break, here we’ve got plenty of ideas, including a round up of the best activities in each capital city!
If you are a parent and would like to learn more about the holiday and educational programs at Bonkers Beat Music Kinder Aspendale, mark the date of our next free event – Information Night 2018 on Wednesday, 14 November.

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