Getting Ready for School: Tips for Parents and Educators

As we approach the end of the year, for many families it’s time to say goodbye to early childhood education and a big hello to primary school! For children (and parents!) the anticipation of the first day of school is exciting, but can also be a little nerve-wracking. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make the transition to formal schooling easier. We call this school readiness, and it centers around some of the key areas that children should aim to master to move into primary school.

Key areas to assess school readiness

There are many things we can look at to assess a child’s school readiness. Often it’s the combination of a child’s accomplishment of these school readiness areas that enables them to thrive.

 We spoke to many primary school Prep teachers and coordinators about school readiness and they were kind enough to share with us their top recommendations of what we can support children starting primary school with achieving:

  • Take care of their belongings including books and uniform
  • Put things away when they are no longer being used
  • Pack their lunchbox with various compartments for different items
  • Use the bathroom independently and confidently
  • Tie their own shoelaces
  • Write their own name
  • Identify and recite the letters of the alphabet
  • Count from one to ten, and from ten to one
  • Be confident with zips, buttons and velcro
  • Listen and focus
  • Self-regulate their emotions

While school commencement for 2024 isn’t too far away, there’s still plenty of time to give children a helping hand with mastering these areas. 

 It’s also important to remember that every child is unique and that these school readiness goals can be accomplished at varying ages and speeds. Keep in mind the individual development of children, particularly when it comes to neurodivergence.

Free Information Night at Bonkers Beat

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