Harmony Nights at Bonkers Beat Music Kinder, Aspendale

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Over the years we have been working tirelessly to engage our parents and families in our Bonkers Beat programs.
The Harmony Nights were a huge success, taking our relationship with parents to another level, allowing them to understand the kinder philosophy and giving them opportunities to implement our music and wellbeing programs in their everyday lives with their families.
[margin30] [fancy_images] [image]https://bonkersbeat.com/mwb/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Singing-and-damcing-to-the-Bonkers-beat-e1348723822298.jpg[/image] [image]https://bonkersbeat.com/mwb/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Harmony-Night-at-Bonkers-Beat-Music-Kinder-and-Pre-school-helping-to-parents-to-unite-and-bond-e1348723900293.jpg[/image] [image]https://bonkersbeat.com/mwb/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Relaxing-and-meditating-with-other-parents-at-Bonkers-Beat-Music-Kinder-and-Childcare-Aspendale-e1348724006599.jpg[/image] [/fancy_images]

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