Highlights 2011

Hello ~ Ni hao ~ Om Swastyastu
Galina & Bonkers have just arrived home from their overseas adventures  in Singapore & Indonesia. They were invited to Singapore and Indonesia to share their experience and knowledge about Early Childhood Education in Australia and Learning through Music.
This is what they got up to:

11 November – PAP Community Foundation, Professional Development for Early Childhood Educators & Principals, Singapore.

Workshop with Educators & Principals, PCF, SingaporeSharing experiences and having fun at Tampines West Educational Centre, Singapore

Teachers in Singapore have fun too!Friendly and very welcoming Tricia and Karen

11 November – Music Kinder Session at Tempines West Education Centre, Singapore

Making music with children PCF, Singapore

Happy River

17 November – Annual Leadership Forum 2011, Opening Presentation, Bali

Annual Leadership Forum,Bali

18 November – Making Music with Bonkers the Monkey Presentation, Green School, Bali.

Bonkers at Green school, BaliWelcome to Eco friendly and very Green School, Bali.

Green School in Bali, Indonesia is giving its students a relevant, holistic and green education in one of the most amazing environments on the planet

Welcome to ECO friendly and VERY Green School BaliLost in the Jungle…

Lost in the Jungle

Handprint PromiseMeeting Balinese people…Making new friends…

Meeting Balinese people...Making new friendsBonkers wins the hearts of children and adults in Indonesia..

Bonkers wins everybody's heartAmazing Yoga Master – Fabulous Mister Candi…

Amazing Yoga Master – Challenging Mister CandiBig Smiles – Big Hearts

Big smiles, big heartsUnfortunately, it was time to leave this Happy Island

Unfortunately, now is the time to leave this Happy IslandBonkers enjoying the view and his trip on the plane.

Good Bye   ~  Om Santi – Santi – Santi

Bonkers’ Next Adventure is just the BEGINNING…

Are you ready to go on an exciting journey with Bonkers the Monkey and Galina?

We are inviting you and your family to get on board and come along with us to amazing places where you and your child will have fun and learn many wonderful things.

Put your belts on and get ready for the ride….

The first stop is our NEW “BONKERS BEAT®” WEBSITE/BLOG for all parents, caregivers, early childhood educators and teachers.

  • Here you can read more about the importance of music, yoga and meditation for children and their families
  • You can learn new songs and wellbeing routines on our upcoming interactive “Sing & Stretch” Club page.
  • You can find out more about early childhood conferences, workshops and seminars
  • You can ask Galina questions and send her your ideas and thoughts
  • Our next stop is Bonkers OWN NEW WEBSITE “FUN for KIDS”
    This website will help your child to learn many important life skills, sing and dance along with their favorite monkey, draw pictures and even relax to his meditation stories.

There are SO many other exciting adventures coming up, but we can’t tell you about them all yet…
We would like to thank you for your support, commitment and friendship throughout all these years. So… stay with us.
[colored_box title=”Fun For Kids” variation=”orange” textColor=”#000000″]Have you and your child seen the Bonkers the Monkey Music Show Video?
–      Do you know which song helps Bonkers to stay safe when he crosses the road?
–      Do you know what Bonkers likes to eat?
To learn lots of things and have fun with Bonkers, go to Bonkers the Monkey Music Show[/colored_box]

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