Ideas For The End Of Year Celebrations In Early Childhood Settings

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start planning the end-of-year celebrations for your early childhood service!

To get your creative juices flowing and ready to farewell 2021, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite end-of-year celebration ideas, for childcare centres.

You might like to use a couple of these ideas, together, or one for each age group — the options are endless. We just hope we can help you get inspired!

Live stream your event: Not ready to host an in-person event, or feel it would be safer to stick with online events? No worries! A live-streamed event can be super fun. We’ve all become accustomed to celebrating a variety of occasions online and can now navigate streaming platforms with ease. Even if you do have an in-person event, it could also be worth live streaming via video conference anyway, for anyone who may be unwell, in isolation or simply unable to make it.

Create a musical extravaganza: You probably know how we feel about music by now — every occasion is a time for music and singing! Pick out a bunch of the children’s favourite songs and perform a musical for families. You can incorporate instruments and dance moves along with singing loud and proud. Don’t forget to include some Bonkers classics!

Perform a cherished story: Choose a favourite story, or one that children can’t get enough of, and put together a performance of the story. Educators can narrate the story and the children can act it out. Add in some dialogue for children who feel confident too! You could even work on building your own props using recycled bits and pieces around your service.  Perhaps you can incorporate some of these activities into the children’s art and craft sessions.

Revisit the year’s favourite themes: Get children and educators to vote on the best themes you explored throughout 2021 and base your end-of-year celebration around one or more of them. A theme can be extended into your decorations, songs, stories, outfits, and even your snacks!

Record a movie: Another option is to pre-record a bunch of your ideas – songs, performances, artwork progress – and edit it together into a keepsake movie for families to cherish. If you choose to host a number of smaller events, you could play the movie  for everyone to enjoy.

To make any event more memorable and special for Christmas, you may like to sing and enjoy the Bonkers’ classic ‘Ring the Bells’. This song is loved by both children and adults and can be performed with Auslan hand signs. To access the video and lyrics, just follow the link below:   

If you would like to receive a copy of Auslan hand signs, simply email

Don’t forget to make sure you’re sticking to your Covid Safe plan and adhering to the current restrictions based on your whereabouts. This likely includes enabling guests to physically distance appropriately, keeping things outdoors where possible, requiring masks indoors, avoiding physical greetings like hugs and handshakes, and having a clear way in and out for guests to move around safely. It may be worth considering hosting a number of smaller events, rather than one big one.

 Let us know how you’re celebrating the end of the year via social media!

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