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Togetherness has been an overwhelming focus throughout this entire year. We’ve had to work together to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve come together to support one another and we’ve achieved great things in Australia as a result. As educators and parents, it is our responsibility in particular to keep having conversations with children about togetherness. This includes equality, our rights and the rights of others, kindness and striving for a peaceful world.

Just last week we celebrated and discussed Reconciliation Week (27 May – 3 June) and Sorry Day with children. And what beautiful and meaningful conversations we had focusing on respect for our country’s Indigenous people, with the theme for 2020 ‘In This Together’.

On Saturday 13 June it is Global Wellness Day, which got us thinking about the concept of wellness and togetherness; how we can experience wellness both individually and collectively.

Wellbeing practices are hugely impactful for improving wellness for us all. A part of this is bringing about a sense of inner peace, and to achieve this we need to work toward cresting peace in the world. What does this look like in action? Among other things, peace is showing respect for others, accepting our differences and celebrating our uniqueness. And it requires us all to continue to work together.

Speaking with children about issues like discrimination doesn’t have to be a scary topic and it is so important that children understand what discrimination might look like in real life. This article gives some excellent examples of racial discrimination, and explains how you could use potentially awkward situations with children to create educational opportunities. Don’t be afraid to answer questions about differences like skin colour, hair type, use of wheelchairs or other things that they might be curious about. Be open with children that we are all different and special in our own way and give them simple facts that are easy to understand.

Let’s all create time and space to continue to have conversations with children about the importance of wellness, kindness and peace for one and all. Celebrate those things that are different about us all and also celebrate the many things that connect us all.

We would also love to share our National Reconciliation Week album with you to show you how we acknowledged this important week.

Do you have resources, thoughts or suggestions to share with us all to help spread the message of togetherness for wellness and peace? Please share them with us! You can do this via social media or email – the more ideas we all have, the better.

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