Inclusive Festive Celebrations in Childcare

The end of year celebrations are in full swing everywhere, and no doubt your childcare services are getting plans under way for something special. Whether you’re saying farewell to kindergarten children who are heading off to school next year or just commemorating the crazy ride that was 2020, celebrating is a must for the festive season and the final weeks of the year.

Fostering a sense of belonging is important all year round, so consider the diversity of your children and families when planning. It can be helpful to shift the focus to the giving of gifts and appreciation of family – crafting presents for loved ones is a great idea. Inclusivity also means exploring the other cultural traditions or preferences for the festive season – speak to children and families, as well as your educators and learn about the different ways people celebrate this time of year.

Along with a lot of services in Victoria, end of year celebrations might look a little different this year as we adapt to the COVID-19 policies. At Bonkers Beat Music Kinder in Aspendale, Melbourne we had a Juniors celebration online, while our Kinder Music Concert was a live and virtual event. Luckily, we all became very talented at having engaging and fun online celebrations throughout this year!

If you haven’t yet, there’s still time to put together a Christmas concert or end of year presentation with children. As a special gift for you, we’ll even give you access to the Bonkers Beat favourite Christmas song: Ring the Bells — click here to access!

Share your festive celebrations with us on Facebook – we love to share in the festivities with all childcare centres!

Don’t forget to enjoy your free access to our song: Ring the Bells! Simply click here!

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