Incorporating Performing Arts in the Early Years Curriculum

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Upcoming Event – Incorporating Performing Arts in the Early Years Curriculum

The presentation is based on staff – child – family relationships, incorporating different forms of performing arts to create a strong platform for meaningful and purposeful relationships between a service, families and the wider community.
The main focus on learning and connectedness allows all staff, children and families to enjoy an educational yet playful experience.
A wide range of resources, including traditional tunes, original songs, dancing routines and acting will be used to support and reinforce the demonstrated concepts.
This session will help all educators become more confident and gain knowledge about implementing music and performing arts in their curriculum to improve the quality of educational programs and relationships between staff, children and families.
Venue: Parramatta RSL, Sydney, NSW
Date: Monday 23 July from 6.30 – 8.30 pm
Check the Child Care New South Wales website for more information.

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