It’s Time to Celebrate Fathers and Special People!

Not long now until Father’s Day is here — a cherished day to celebrate all the loving, kind-hearted, fun, and inspiring dads and father figures in children’s lives.

Celebrating Father’s Day is easier than ever this year — simply grab a Father’s Day Complete Inclusive Pack from our online store, and you’re ready to go!

The Father’s Day Complete Pack is inclusive and diverse and can be used by any family and an early childhood service. ‘My daddy’ poem includes variations to replace ‘Daddy’ with uncle, grandpa or the name of a special person in a child’s life. The poem is easy to learn and fun and can be accompanied by Auslan hand signs.

The pack covers the most crucial areas of the curriculum including literacy, communication, numeracy, fine motor skills, social studies and creativity.

It is currently on sale for under $15! As it’s a digital download pack, you will gain instant access to a range of craft and DIY gift ideas for children to make activities with educators at your service, or with mum’s help at home!

The Father’s Day Complete Inclusive Pack includes:

  • ‘My Daddy’ Poem: Use this as a printed card, coloured in or decorated with natural materials including leaves, gum nuts, sticks, stones, shells or lollipop sticks.
  • ‘My…’ Poem with variations: Use this as a printed card, coloured in or decorated with natural materials including leaves, gum nuts, sticks, stones, shells or lollipop sticks.
  • ‘My Daddy’ Poem with Auslan sign to learn (you can use variations as well!)
  • Different Professions (Nomenclature Montessori 3-Part literacy cards, 4 cards per A4 page, A6 size) 
  • Different Professions (Matching tracing cards, 4 cards per A4 page, A6 size)
  • Art activity (with natural materials)
  • BBQ Card
  • Count the sports balls and trace the numbers (count and trace activity)
  • Sports Balls (puzzle)

An inclusive Father’s Day celebration

Father’s Day is about shining a light on the excellent male role models children have in their lives, and this isn’t always a dad in the traditional sense.

To ensure all children can participate feeling proud of the father figures in their life, our resources can be edited to change the word ‘dad’ or ‘daddy’ to a different title, such as step-dad, grandpa or uncle, or just to a name.

Father’s Day Activities and Keepsake Gifts

The Father’s Day Complete Pack saves you and your educators time and energy in coming up with ideas, creating or curating resources and planning cards as take-g keepsakes. 

Make sure you know your children in your care and use an appropriate poem card. 

This done-for-you Father’s Day pack provides enough activities for you all to celebrate Father’s Day together in services and send home something special to mark the occasion for children and their families outside of early childhood education.

Get your Father’s Day Pack and start celebrating! Head over to our store to download your own pack of resources to create a memorable and fun Father’s Day celebration in your centre.

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